Most woman love grooming their nails. They are not just protecting fingers, they became a canvass for beauty.

Explaining the myths:

  • White marks on nails, known as Leukonychia, does not mean you have a calcium deficiency. Those white marks are harmless and should let grow out.
  • Gelatin will not strengthen nails, instead, eat proper diet like fresh fruits, veggies, nutritious grains for they reflect on the way your nails grow.
  • Rubbing your nails together will never make them shiny. Use a buffer and finish it off with a topcoat.
  • Yellowing of nails is not caused by applying too much nail polish too often. It happens because you did not wear a basecoat or you used a band brand.

On trimming or pushing cuticles:

“If you haven’t started cutting cuticles, don’t. They’re there to protect the nail bed. Let your manicurist push the cuticles instead,”  – Anna Ricardo-Yu of The Nail Spa.

“Training” your cuticles to stay back by pushing them daily, even with just your thumbs.” – Patricia Yankee Williams, celebrity nail technician and international corporate trainer for Dashing Diva.

Best solution for cracked or split nails:

“If you can cut off the split part of the nail, then immediately do so. Prevention is still always better.” – Ricardo-Yu

“Nails that are in water too much, aren’t protected with polish, and aren’t nourished with a good cuticle oil are more prone to breakage. When washing dishes or clothes, make sure you wear gloves. Apply hand cream or lotion regularly and avoid using acetone and other nail polish removers that contain alcohol.” – Williams

Discoloration of nails is health-related:

“The condition of your nails mirrors your general health. Cracked nails and ingrown toenails are common nail dilemmas; other abnormalities could mean you are suffering an underlying illness. Be cautious of indentations across your nails, clubbing of fingertips, brownish discoloration, and other unusual discolorations and change in shape. These may be signs of bigger health problems, such as iron deficiency, kidney disorders, and heart ailments. It’s best to consult a podiatrist or other medical professionals for any suspicions,” – Ricardo-Yu.

Tools for DIY manicures

  1. Orange sticks
  2. A good nail cutter
  3. A nail file with different grits
  4. A buffer
  5. Toe clippers
  6. A Soft-bristled nail brush
  7. Nail polish – the lifespan of a bottle of nail polish is usually a year. When a bottle of nail polish becomes old, the polish will thicken and bubbles will start to form.