Whatever the shape of your eye brows, you still need to keep it charmingly healthy and brilliant!

Generally, thicker brows works for ladies with prominent bone structure while thinner brows enhance smaller-framed faces. Also, did you know that over-tweezed brows age a face? So, for mature ladies, keep a nice healthy brows shape.

Here are some suggestions by Carmindy for your eye brows care:

1. It is cheaper to use a clean toothbrush than brows comb. Always start your grooming routine by brushing the brow hairs straight up. Trim any long, wild hairs with cuticle scissors.

2. To give your brows a healthy-looking shine, apply a light slick of Vaseline.

3. Stay away from brow stencils because it is like wearing someone else’s hairpiece. Everyone’s brow bone is unique.

4. A pencil is the easiest tool for filling in your brows. Make sure it is sharp; then lightly feather it on for a natural look.

5. When using a liquid brow color, apply in small, featherlike strokes with a stiff angle brush to fill in sparse eyebrows.

6. For a very chic look, extend your brows about a quarter inch at the ends, using pencil or brow corrector. This gives your eyes an elongated elegance.

7. If you have a gap in your brows due to a scar, buy a tiny brush with a few long hairs and use this to paint on a few strokes of liquid brow corrector. This creates a flawless, hair-like result.

8. If you have filled in your brows too much, take a small-tipped concealer brush dipped into a little foundation and feather it through the brows very lightly.

9. After you apply your foundation, always take a clean Q-tip and sweep it over your eyebrows to remove any foundation residue for a nice, clean arch.

10. Brow powder is best used for a natural-looking brow but can get a little chalky. Follow it with a clear brow gel.

11. For brow color that stays in place through heat, humidity and even swimming, go for a waterproof brow corrector.

12. For brows that just won’t stay put, apply a brow gel after you fill brows in to keep them in place.

Fine brows – tweezing is the way to go!

A bit heavier brows – waxing is a good choice.

Very hairy brows – threading is ideal for you.

Brows grow straight down – use a curved pair of cuticle scissors and snip them from underneath into perfect shape.