Summer is here. The sizzling weather calls for soft, flowing and refreshing clothes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable.

From the latest trends to the future fads, you need not go any farther than Tutuban Center in Manila. The historic mall is like the heart of Divisoria, everyone’s favorite shopping destination. A stroll at its many stalls is like a walk at your favorite summer vacation spot.


At Tutuban Center, you will find summer dresses that are sexy, playful and girly. For the boys, they can find sunshine-appropriate board shorts and cargo pants.

The kids, of course, can choose from all kinds of toys, clothes and cartoon characters available at the mall.

Wondering what to bring on your resort, pool or beach trip? Tutuban Center has a wide array of swimming gear, accessories and playthings in store that will surely capture your young tyke’s fancy. From salbabidas to goggles to floating toys to straw hats, Tutuban Center has them all.


Swimwear comes in the most tempting ways. In one-piece or bikinis, swimsuits come in animal prints, graphic stripes and bold patterns. Wearing any of them will make you a standout! Now is the time to dazzle in the sun in these delicious ensembles!


But if you don’t want to be flirty and just want to be ladylike at the beach, there are plenty of shawls and sarongs to provide you with needed coverage.

When the guys want to look cool, shades of every shape, design and size are theirs for the taking. Complete the beach-comber look with T-shirts of rock and roll legends from Michael Jackson to Tupac Shakur.

There is no shortage of sensational finds at Tutuban Center this summer. Even when the heat requires a minimum amount of clothing, that’s still no reason not to appear best dressed—and accessorized—this season.

For more about the best summer wear finds and other what-have-you’s, visit Tutuban Center, located along historic C. M. Recto Avenue in Manila. If you live too far from the Center, you can buy your colorful summer outfits, ladies pyjamas and suits online as well.