In a tropical country like Philippines, people tend to look for light clothing. T-shirt is the most comfortable yet decent attire for all seasons. Especially during summer, some prefer to don T-shirts at work rather punishing themselves on polo shirts or long sleeves. Well, that is if their company permits to be casual.

But wearing T-shirts doesn’t mean being cheap. It is rather a statement of freedom and expressions.

I love T-shirts too. And I always look for those which are soft, does not irritate my skin, fits me well, with quality and not necessarily expensive. That best describes UNIQLO T-shirts!

Just by touching the texture of UNIQLO T-shirts, I knew that I have found the right comfort.


UNIQLO T-Shirt is indeed more than just a T-shirt. Their designs of cartoon o comic characters like Snoopy, Disney and Marvel, reminds me of my child years and wearing them actually made me feel younger and refreshing! Some friends can’t help but noticed the T-shirts.

blackie In Black and Proud. This photo was taken by my 4-year old daughter.


Partying with Snoopy.

Recommended: Unlike other T-Shirts, the fabric used by UNIQLO is not too thick but not too thin so you can conveniently wear it even when having activities under the sun. It won’t shrink nor loosen easily in multiple washing. And their T-shirts has reasonable prices and of with good quality.

UNIQLO has a wide range of choices of T-shirts for men and women! In June, they will establish their very first store in the Philippines. And while you’re loving their T-Shirts, you could have a chance to win a merchandise or trip to Japan on their UT Vote and Win Promo.