The saying “dress to impress” does not only apply to the corporate world. Most kids also like to look their best during the first day of school especially when they reach their teenage years. Some kids already know what they want to wear as early as their pre-school years while others take a bit longer to discover their own sense of style. These children may be allowed to choose their own outfit for school but it is usually the parents who decide on what goes into their children’s closet.

Those who would like to spare themselves from fashion arguments with their teens may want to check out these tips.

1. Do your fashion homework. Most teens are trend conscious so you may want to check out what’s hot and what’s not in school fashion before buying anything for your teen. A-line mini skirt in plaid, checked, polka dots or plain bold colors paired with a button down shirt is a good option for a smart preppy look. You may also go for lace or floral dress paired with ballet flats or oxfords for sweet and feminine look. For casual to rugged look, opt for shirts in nautical prints and bright colored jeans or classic denims.

2. Shop with your teen in mind. It is quite common for parents to apply their own fashion sense in choosing clothes for their children. But they should also remember that teens have their own tastes, preferences, and comfort levels when it comes to clothing. Knowing your child’s personality takes you one step closer to nailing a perfect first day of school outfit.

3. Look for “teen-focused” clothing stores. These are shops that offer age appropriate clothing for teens. They are likely to be updated on teen fashion trends and would have more stylish options fit for your teen.

And speaking of teen-focused stores, FRESHGEAR could be your best choice!

I had some trouble in choosing some pieces because I find them all great but I need to fit it on my budget (lol). Of course, I am not a teenager anymore but FreshGear actually served my taste right. So, I got eight items for me and my daughter! It was my first time to wear blue and red jeans (see the photo below) but I now realized they can look good on me (pardon the tummy).

Come August 2014, Freshgear will implement a great and fresh makeover! The big prints and statement shirts will be missed but will be replaced by young, cool, clean and fresh colors and classy fabrics. The logo will also be updated.

Surely, you teens will love the more good clean and classy fun designs they are about to launched. FreshGear, which is now 9 years in the market, can compete with the quality and price against other international brands like Gap and Benetton.

Find FreshGear at the boys and girls teen sections of SM Department Store. For updates, follow FreshGear on Facebook, @newfreshgear on Twitter and @FreshGearJeans on Instagram.