Many would agree that success in a particular craft is not always dependent on extensive formal training. Passion and experience, coupled with the right amount of fundamental knowledge, can be enough to turn a leisurely pursuit into a worthwhile business.

profile shot“As a child, I already enjoyed making clothes for Barbie dolls. As I grew up, I also designed and made my own dresses,” shares Greer Lee, owner of EVEA Couture, adding that her exposure to a family who loves dressing up contributed to her interest in dress-making. “Back then, people were already consulting me for fashion advice. I realized that I loved styling other people as much as I like to dress up.”

Lee has a degree in Management but started her career by working for some of the leading clothing retailers in the country. This experience increased her interest to break new ground in the local industry. She established EVEA to capitalize on her passion as well as to further hone her craft. With the brand, she not only provides a valued creation, but is also able to express her distinct design philosophy.

She describes her EVEA designs as timeless. “We make contemporary designs that are fashionable today and yet several years from now, it will still be in style.” EVEA also prides itself in being fashion for every woman. “Our creations are tailor-fitted to complement the client’s specific personality, style and appeal.”


Lee actively involves every client in finishing their gown and entourage’s dresses. “It is their day so it’s important to engage them in the entire process. You have to come up with something that they want and at the same time be honest in your assessment of their preferences. Sometimes what a bride wants and what will look good on her are two separate things, but EVEA will make it work,” Lee explains.

And while it is typical nowadays for “packaged” gowns and dresses, Lee believes in the value of quoting based on design, complexity, and materials used. “Offering something that’s ‘de-kahon’ limits the brides-to-be’s choices. EVEA gives clients the freedom to select and ultimately get what they really want.

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Lee likewise adopts an entrepreneur’s mindset with her business, preferring to build EVEA as a brand instead of investing in her name. “I think of myself as an entrepreneur more than a designer; an entrepreneur who has an eye for beautiful things.”

Aside from made-to-measure bridal gowns and evening wear, EVEA also has a ready-to-wear line that caters to women on the go who wants flexibility and comfort in their wardrobe. EVEA Essentials offers dresses with adaptable designs that you can wear anywhere whether it may be a casual gathering or a formal event.

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