fashionable girlStaying up to date on the latest fashion trends is always a good idea, but what if you come across some current trends that are just plain goofy or horrendous? It’s okay; you don’t have to buy into every fashion trend that comes along. In fact, if you buy into it you may become the laughing stock of your apartment, office, or wherever you choose to go while wearing the so called trendy item. So say no to the following trends and figure out a better trend that will make you look fashionable instead of forgettable.

Hats with Fur Flaps – It’s understandable that a hat with fur flaps would keep you warm, but it looks horrible on top of your head! It doesn’t have a very fashionable look and it makes you look like the cartoon character Goofy. Instead of looking completely goofy, wear a suede newsboy cap or a cloche with a bow. Not only will this type of hat look more attractive on top of your head, but it will also keep you warm without you looking absolutely ridiculous. If you’re lucky while you shop you might discover these NY and Company promo codes at the Sidepon website which will help you find a fashionable hat while being on a budget.

Skin Suits – Can you think of anything more horrible to wear? Not only do skin suits make you look like a circus clown, but they’re also too tight and not very flattering. Many celebs wear skin suits while they’re on the stage but it’s not very impressive. Let’s hope that no one you know will decide to walk around in the mall in a skin suit or fashion fail will be the phrase that comes to mind. If you’re into tight clothing that’s not very comfortable, try looking for clothing that’s form fitting and appropriate. Wear a white tunic with leggings or a maxi that’s a bit more form fitting.

Leggings with Animal Prints – Instead of wearing something that will make you stick out like a sore thumb, stick to the basics when it comes to leggings. Leggings are already form-fitting enough, so why wear leggings that have animal prints or geometric patterns splattered all over them? Wear simple leggings that are denim, black, or grey and pair them with tunics, long tee-shirts, and even dresses! Leggings are a great trend but keep them simple and chic to make your entire ensemble look nice while wearing them.

Sierra, owner of Paige One, enjoys writing about fashion. Stick with trends that will enhance your wardrobe!