Wearing make-ups or hair should make you at least pleasing in public, right? But sometimes, you can have embarrassing beauty blunders like wearing awkward hair style, too white face powder, or weird lipstick color.

But did you know that even celebrities can also make such beauty blunders? You could say that they have make-up artists or image specialists to prevent them from looking like a disaster in public. Unfortunately, not all of them have and if they were caught on cam, they will be mortified forever.

cristina<<< Christina Aguilera’s powerful voice hardly distract her viewers from seeing the apparent dark orange self-tanner on her leg.

I am not sure if Nicole Kidman is in anyway, deprived of face powder.nicole >>>






<<< Did you recognize this as Lindsay Lohan? Her synthetic hair with yellowish foundation, bronze eye shadow and pale lips make her look so terrible.


Can someone tell Britney Spears the proper way to use hair extensions?britney

kelly<<< Oh, what is Kelly Osbourne trying to trend in her hair?





Yes, women can understand how they feel about it. Aarghhh!