Now that the winter season is coming up, a ski escapade would surely be part of your holiday vacation. Have you think about the possible outfit that you’re going to wear?

Skiing isn’t just about thick jackets and trousers but would also need fashionable mufflers and bonnets. Your ski wear should be of highest quality because expect that you will be spending more time embracing the snow as you face the ski challenges.

A complete ski adventure outfit would comprise a three layer system. The first layer would include thermal body shirt, thermal pants and ski socks. The second cover would be a jacket or sweater, ski pants and ski boots. Then the third layer would be your beanie, helmet, goggles, gloves and some bindings.

Now where would fashion get in? Since only the third layer would be visible when you ski, focus on its color combination. Choose bright colors so that when emergency happens, rescue teams can easily determine your location. After having several laps, you might have the chance to remove the third layer and sit down for a while to have some hot beverages like coffee or tea.

Your beanie could also have some nice designs partnered with your boots and gloves.