You have to look your best while on the golf course.

If you aren’t wearing the proper clothing, you could be disqualified from the tournament that you are playing in or kicked off the course if you are playing a round with your friends.

While some courses allow you to play in shorts and sneakers, the best courses make you dress up to play 18 holes. This means that you need dress pants, spikes that are designed for use on golf courses and a nice visor to keep the sun out of your eyes all afternoon.

Gloves are another accessory that you need while playing on the links. A good pair of gloves will help you grip the clubs with ease. This will make it easier to swing the club properly. When you swing the club properly, you hit better shots and shave strokes from your score.

Whether you are a professional, a college player or that guy hacking around the course on Saturday afternoon, you can look your best with Petermillar golf apparel. When you wear the right clothing, you look and feel your best. This will help you focus on putting the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.