You really don’t have to wear your favorite makeup to impress your date. Just make a grand statement even with simple look would be enough.

Here are some tips you can try out to yourself as Carmindy have it tried and tested effective:

  • Bold eye look.  Just don’t scare the boy.
  • Keep lipstick and gloss neutral and light. Dark and goopy lips don’t tempt many suitors.
  • Try flavored lip formula every once in a while to surprise your guy.
  • Go Five-minute Face.
  1. Lightly apply foundation, concealer, and powder.
  2. Use a little highlight under the eyebrow (on the brow bone under the arch) and on the inside corners of the eye.
  3. Apply a little eyeliner along the upper lash line and mascara on the upper lashes.
  4. Add a pop of blush and a light-tinted lip balm.

Now, you are ready to roll!