Stilettos, wedges, platform shoes, flats, boots – name any kind of woman’s shoes and everyone woman is bound to have at least one in her show cabinet.  Our ensemble is just never completely right without the most fitting pair of shoes to match our outfit.  However, these runway-worthy shoes are not always as comfortable as we wish them to be.  Used for long stretches of time, they invariably cause foot and leg aches, back pains, and even calluses.  These sacrifices do not stop us though from being on top of the latest trend.

Walking in style need not be painful.  For those days when you really have to wear those trendy four-inchers, you may want to opt for shoes that have these or to purchase inserts that can fit most show sizes:

Cushioned insoles that do not slip nor wrinkle provide feet with all day comfort.  The best insoles allow air to flow helping feet breathe.   There are also massaging insoles that can be inserted into shoes to soothe body aches even while walking.

Arch support for shoes provide relief from foot strain and tired aching feet.   These are also imperative for those who are flat-footed and have weak, fallen arches.  While some shoes have arch support built directly in the insole, arch support inserts are needed for most shoes.  In choosing arch support inserts, opt for those that allow you to adjust size and level of support.

Heel shields prevent shoes from slipping, provide cushion, and protect your heels from being sore with your shoes’ rubbing.   There are many available heel shields in the market with some coming in gel type for invisible cushioning.  Most of these heel shields can also be used on the inner front part of mules.

Slingback Slips are heaven sent for party gals who can’t do without their stilettos.  These prevent slingbacks and even straps from rubbing harshly onto delicate skin.  With these little cushions, dancing all night won’t result in horrible cuts from straps.