Smoky eyes make-up would never go out of style. It has different types for every occasion. All you just need is to make sure style would really fit your personality.

Here are some tips from Makeup Magazine:


Avant-garde make-up looks, inspired by punk imagery, boldly emphasize eyes and lips without putting the accent on any facial features. You can use shadows in various colors: green, graphite, plum, different shades of grey and warm purple. The trick is to blend the shadow with seemingly unintentional care. The entire eyebrows should be filled with one color which gives a sharp penciled effect. This technique creates a demonic eye look. On the lower eyelid apply black to add depth in the eyes. The skin tone must be very bright matt, almost transparent. The overall effect is vampy and seductive.

Classic Smoky Eyes

A very common in catwalk make-up. Modern trends come and go, but classics looks are here to stay. To achieve a smoky eye look, apply lighter shade to the upper lid and smooth sink this shade to the upper lid and smooth sink this shades into a dark graphite hue, blended along the crease line. You can use a brighter illuminating shadow in the inner corner of the eye. The shadow over the outer part of the lid should go all the way up to the brow bone. Apply two coats of mascara. This type of smoky eyes looks great with neutral lips and matt face, perfectly shaped by rouge.

Rich Golden Smoky

This the most sophisticated and ravishing a new take on smoky eyes. Apply a black pencil across the lash line. Put grey brownish eyes shadow on the upper lid and smudge with a brush to the brow bone. The inner corner of the eye and the middle part of the lid just above the pupil are lit up with gold metallic shadow. There is no need to add more color to the face. To keep the neutral look of the eyebrow, use a lipstick in light beige to color the lips. Emphasize the frame of the eyes with black mascara. To finish the make-up, apply bronze to the cheekbones in order to sculpt your face. This is the way to create the modern image of a woman who knows how to enjoy life.

Copper Smoky Eyes

Copper works magic on blue, hazel and green eyes. Copper eye shadows combined with black pencil and mascara create a perfect evening make-up you love to wear when the occasion calls for elegance and glamour. You can also adopt a delicate version of this make-up suitable to wear during the day.

Purple smoky eyes

Purple make-up is often worn on the catwalk. Eyes painted in purple immediately catch the attention. If you desire a strong, dramatic look, use a pencil along the lower and upper lash lines.

Grey Smoky Eyes

It is a wonderful paradox that grey can be the most colorful shade. Grey comes in so many shades, that every woman can pick the right one for her eyes. Shiny grey enriched with brocade is an ideal choice for special events.