Most women give utmost importance to looking good. They have beauty rituals to keep their youthful glow and go on shopping sprees to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I bet you yourself have a beauty routine and a hefty wardrobe. Just as we exert effort in looking good, we must exert even much more effort in maintaining feminine hygiene.

We can’t discount its importance in our overall health. Take it for granted and you’ll most likely experience discomfort due to itching and foul odor. Even worse, you could end up with bacterial infections that may lead to other diseases and health problems.

Here are some quick tips on how to ensure that you stay clean, neat, and healthy down there:

1. Be Prim – TRIM. No one wants unsightly hair peeking out of bikinis or a stray strand sticking through a bodycon so do trim regularly. Aside from aesthetics, trimming and shaving the bikini area also help reduce unwanted odor.

We recommend these ph Care products:

vZone trimmer

Vzone® by pH Care® Bikini Trimmer

  • With rounded tips to help prevent accidental cuts
  • Comes with a shorter handle for better control

vZone shaver

Vzone® by pH Care® Bikini Shaver

  • Easy grip handle design for better control
  • Mini-blade, only 5/8” wide for delicate bikini areas
  • Comb design with protective skin guard to minimize irritation
  • With soothing Aloe Vera moisture strips

Vzone® Trimmer and Razor are available in Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, 7-Eleven and Rustans and Robinsons** Supermarkets for only P49* (Trimmer) and P99* (Shavers, 3 pcs). These are quality products of Unilab.

2. Don’t be a douche bag – AVOID DOUCHING. Douching disrupts the natural pH balance in your vaginal area making you more susceptible to bacterial infections. All you need to keep your intimate are clean is a mild soap and clean water.

3. Open Up To Your GYNE. Go see your gynecologist when you notice any unusual discharge or growth in your vaginal area. Those who are sexually active must see their gyne annually for a pap smear.

Aside from these three, also keep a healthy diet. Drink plenty of fluids and include cranberry juice and yogurt in your diet; both of which can help prevent yeast infections. A balanced and nutritious diet is equally important as keeping your intimate area clean and healthy.