Pearls are one of the most popular types of jewelry. They are timeless in their classic elegance and nicely complement every woman’s complexion. They have been and remain popular among all generations. Pearls portray a classy, luxurious look and are the perfect gift for any occasion.


When many people think of pearls, they envision white ones. While white ones are always beautiful, there are various other colors of pearls as well, including Tahitian black pearl pendant necklaces. Some of the colors they come in include the following:

• White
• Lavender
• Pink
• Peach
• Multicolor
• Black
• Eggplant
• Bronze
• Peacock green


There are various grades of pearls as well. The grade of a pearl simply refers to the quantity of the blemishes found on the pearl’s surface. Pearls are graded from A to AAA, with AAA being the highest quality. AAA pearls have very minor to no blemishes and are generally the most expensive types of pearls to obtain. At least 95% of a pearl’s surface must be clean in order for it to be graded as AAA.

AA+ pearls have minor blemishing with at least 90% of their surfaces clean. AA pearls have minor to medium blemishing with 70-80% of their surfaces blemish-free. A-grade pearls have the heaviest amount of blemishing with half or more of their surfaces being blemished. Good pearls do not have peeling skin, cracks, grooves or blisters that are visible to the naked eye when the pearls are held at arm’s length.


Although most pearls come with a round shape, some pearls come with baroque shapes. Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls all feature baroque shapes sometimes, which some people prefer to round shapes. Additionally, although some pearls are completely natural, most of them are cultured, which simply means that they had a bit of help getting started. Natural pearls are still available in today’s market, but they are the rarest and, therefore, the most expensive pearls to obtain.

Selecting pearls is a process that requires the buyer to examine the grade, shape, rarity and type of the pearl to make an informed decision. Additionally, the personal tastes of the recipient should be taken into consideration. More information about pearls can be found at