Megan Young has definitely gone a long way from being a finalist in GMA 7’s Star Struck to being crowned Miss World 2013. Her perseverance and hard work to reach her dream have paid off and given our country pride.

As we congratulate her for what she has accomplished it is also but proper to give credit to those behind her success. One of those is esteemed fashion designer Francis Libiran who created the coral serpentine-cut gown that Megan Young wore during the coronation night.

(Photo credit to the owner.)

Accentuated with a sea plume pattern, the dress represents the beauty of the Philippines and the simplicity of the Filipinos. It would not have mattered if the audio engineers had to save on kustom amplifiers used for the background music, our beauty queen in her gorgeous coral dress would have sashayed on the runway with pride whatever music was playing.