Summer lurks just around the corner. The sun grows hotter, the days grow longer.  We peel heavy winter layers off, stick our toes in the water, and enjoy refreshing mojitos on the patio. Whether your summer plans involve a jaunt to the islands, serious pool time, summer sporting or simply driving around town in your convertible, heed these tips to look your best all the way until autumn!

Choose a Swimsuit that Flaunts Your Personal Style

Look beyond platitudes about figure flattery and illusion panels and choose a suit that truly matches your style. Whether you opt for a trendy metallic, a seductive cut-out, a tiny triangle, or something with a splash of retro glamour, choose a suit that shows off  your personality and your best assets. Keep in mind activity, highly active beach-goers want to choose suits designed to stay put as they surf, swim, and spike volleyballs. Sunsoaking divas may elect showier styles to make a statement from their beach blanket. Whatever your figure, the perfect suit exists to help you shine in the summer sun. Check out sites like or for a wide variety of options.

Preserve Your Skin

Nothing stymies natural beauty like sun damage. In addition to scary consequences like skin cancer, sun damage causes premature aging, skin discoloration, and wrinkles.  While you might remember to slather your body with sunscreen at the beach or pool, consider investing in a daily moisturizer with SPF protectant to guard against unanticipated sun exposure when you grab lunch at an outdoor cafe or go for a long, romantic walk with your guy. Daily skin and facial moisturizers are lighter than sunscreen and keep your skin hydrated while offering vital sun protection that keeps your skin looking fresh and youthful. Be sure to cover often missed spots like your ears, lips, and back of the neck.

Indulge in Sundresses

There is nothing as sweet, fun and flirty as a lovely little sundress.  Whether boho or slim and chic, a sundress provides a perfect outfit for every summer occasions. Dressy enough for work but fun enough for play, pick-up a few beauties and watch them become the staples of your summer wardrobe. Take your favorite sundress from day to night by adding a tidy linen blazer for work and then exchange it for a shiny wrap at night.

Stay Fresh

Hot weather means sweat.  Be sure to keep some moist towelettes in your purse to freshen up during outdoor events. A quick refresh for your face keeps pores from getting clogged and discourages nasty bacterial growth that may result in spots.  Keep make-up and fragrance light. Kick heavy foundation to the curb using light powder or moisturizer instead. Opt for natural tones like bronze and pink that play up your healthy summer glow. Ditch heady winter fragrances in favor of lighter citrus scents or fresh, natural oils like lavender.

Wear Sweet Shades

Nothing adds pizza or splash like every celebrity’s favorite accessory: sunglasses.  Easily change your look by swapping between trendy large plastic frames, classic aviators, and cat eyes. Protect your eyes from harsh UV rays by selecting frames with lenses that are UVA and UVB protectant!

Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun in your effort to be stylish for the summer! More importantly, don’t forget to educate your man with summer fashion tips for him!