They don’t call diamonds a girl’s best friend for nothing. Give your girl any jewelry with a diamond on it and she’s sure to swoon in delight. With the steep prices they come in though, giving them as Valentines gifts is an option that only the wealthy few can afford.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stage a heist to afford such luxurious gifts. Here are some inexpensive, yet priceless, gifts that could win your girl’s heart.

Baked Treats. I’m not talking about store-bought ones. Bake her some brownies, a pie, or a cake. Even just simple oatmeal cookies would be enough to show her just how sweet you are. Don’t worry if the food doesn’t come out perfect. She’ll still think YOU ARE just for making an effort to bake a treat for her.

Homecooked Dinner for Two. Know your way around the kitchen? Have her come home to a candlelit dinner lovingly prepared by you. Cut the prep time by focusing on the main course and buying the rest from her fave restos. Make it a feast for the eyes as well by bringing out your best china and creating a lovely table setting. She’ll never think of Curtis Stone ever again!

Movie Night. Not a special preview in a cinema shared with hundreds of other couples but one that’s special and intimate. Get a DVD of her favorite movie, a cozy blanket, a bag of chips or a tray of cheese, a bottle of wine or her fave drinks – put everything in a nice basket and surprise her with a romantic movie date that’s just for the two of you.

(photo credit to Lazada PH)

But wait, here’s another best option if you still want to give her something like a watch – look for affordable but branded items at Lazada. I found a Lacoste Women’s Silver Stainless Steel Strap Watch that’s now on sale at 35% price off!

Go the extra mile and give her all four I mentioned above and she’s sure to know that you’re one for keeps. Of course, if you can afford it, a Louis Vuitton or a Bvlgari would still be wonderful.