Do you think that entertainment personalities are only focus on their career, either in acting, music or dancing?

If you are not aware yet, it will give you a surprise to know that most of them are also into business. That is the wisest move they can make to keep their investments increasing while they are at the spotlights in the industry thus achieving success unlike others who put their money into waste. Many of them also consider getting assurance like texas liability insurance for their business.

Here are some celebrities who excel in business:

Victoria Beckham – Beckham designed her own high-end denim jeans line for Saks Fifth Avenue, called dvb Style. She has also launched a collection of sunglasses in the United States, perfumes and several limited edition fashion lines.

Bethenny Frankel – She launched her Skinnygirl brand of light pre-made cocktails in 2009. The line included Skinnygirl Margarita which has become one of the best-selling ready-made cocktails in the United States.

Rachel Ray – Ray sells an extensive line of cookware that she designed herself. In 2008, she presented a line of dog food based on the recipes she created for her own dog.