Having a beauty pampering experience once in a while is a rewarding experience for most women.

Spa services that include facial treatments and massage can easily relieve stress and rejuvenate the body. Those who cannot indulge themselves in spa services can have their own beauty treatments at home with some simple tools.

Bring out your towels, comfy bathrobe and fluffy bedroom slippers for women, candles or scents, and personal beauty concoction choices to get ready for a DIY pampering treatment.

Having a nice warm bath with scented oil on the tub or scented candles in the bathroom is a good way to relax the body and soften the skin. It can be followed by an exfoliation treatment and finished off with a lavish dose of body butter. One can also get some facial masks or clay to cleanse and revitalize facial skin.

After the relaxing treatment one can simply curl up in the bed with a good book or listen to one’s favorite music and get a well deserved rest.

Of course nothing beats the pampering treatment that one can get from reputable spa facilities. But when budgets aren’t up for the tab. DIY spa treatment is the next best thing.