All the shopping and walking around during the holidays has no doubt taken a toll on every reveler’s limbs.  While most people would not need knee walkers yet, it is still important to give those tired and weary limbs the TLC they need.  A knee walker is used by people with foot, leg, or knee injuries; often in lieu of crutches. 

To avoid these injuries, it is important to take proper care of your feet so that they can withstand your activities, shopping included.

Wear the right footwear – your shoes are more than just protective coverings for your feet.  They are supposed to give your feet the support that they need to comfortably bear your weight.  They should be able to cushion the impact as your feet hit the ground.  If you have to walk for long periods of time, choose to wear comfortable shoes that fit perfectly and have ample support especially in the arch area.

Stimulate blood circulation – when you are not walking, it is recommended that you raise your legs to help get circulation going again.  If you have the time, you can go for a foot massage to knead away the aches and pains in those tired muscles.  Another alternative is to go for acupuncture or acupressure therapy to redistribute all the energies throughout the body.

Rest, rest, rest  – finally, do not forget to give your feet a rest.  If carrying all those shopping bags is difficult for your arms, think about how difficult a time your feet are having carrying your weight and the weight of everything else you are carrying.  Unless you are running a marathon, try to keep off your feet after some time of continuous walking, running, or standing.