Many would agree that having eight hours of sleep will give you a healthy, fresh-looking skin.

But sometimes, skin breakouts are inevitable due to hormonal changes or lack of regular skincare.

Remember the general rule: don’t ever pick at your face! You might regret it. Just make an appointment with a dermatologist rather than spending on expensive creams and unproven treatments. Annual dermatological assessment will save you more money and from more worry.

Teens and Twenties

Make-up artist Carmindy, said that skincare are all about prevention. Be diligent on your sunscreen and start moisturizing like mad. If you’re oily, choose products that are oil-free or contain salicylic acid to combat breakouts.


Exfoliation is your skin’s best friend. Try micro-dermabrasion and periodic glycolic peels to keep skin beautiful, Carmindy suggests. It can be one of those best acne skin care methods that you can consider.


Retinoid creams like Retin-A and Renova are great to start with. They can help stimulate collagen and diminish fine lines. You may start finding a skin aging natural care product that won’t irritate your skin more. To fade age spots or sunspots, use your dermo for a “lunchtime” glycolic peel which helps lighten the signs of sun damage.

Over Fifties

Dermatologist-prescribed creams can give radiant results. Luminizing face primers are also ideal for you. They bring light to your complexion whether worn under foundation or alone.

Graceful aging always looks lovely, chic and sophisticated. If you’re going to try fillers, Botox, or plastic surgery, think twice and do half as much. Doing too much detracts from your true beauty and fools no one.