sleeping in a bus
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There are times when you simply cannot get out of bed even if your alarm clock has been blaring for several minutes.

It would perhaps be a good idea to get another alarm clock that sounds like the stagg cymbals at musicians friend. But then again, it would probably wake the entire household up. The solution, I learned, is to get into a more regular sleep schedule. By doing so, you will set your body clock for your sleep and wake cycle.

We are all guilty of staying up a little too late for various reasons. Some are out of the house until late at night working or partying. There are some who just get side tracked into other pre-bedtime activities like playing games, reading a book, or surfing the net.

The key to waking up at the right time, and waking up refreshed, is to sleep at the right time. You have to set your bedtime 8 hours before the time you need to wake up. This means that you have to set time before that for your bedtime routine. You have to be nodding off to la-la land at your appointed bedtime. When you do so, your body would have had enough time to recharge itself and would not have such a difficult time rousing itself from restful sleep.