Nicely polished tips and toes can add style in one’s look even if they are wearing flip flops or walking barefoot in their swimwear. However, a chic look can easily be ruined with even the smallest chip in the nail.  One of the best ways to avoid it is to choose high quality polish or nail lacquer that lasts longer and doesn’t chip easily.

Women who like to get their nails done in the salon should also check the nail polish brands that they use.  A manicure or pedicure from a salon often looks great but easily ruined when one stubs her foot in a rear bike rack for instance.  Having a good polish can keep one’s manicure and pedicure looking great longer whether it is done by a salon attendant or by one’s self. 

Nail polish brands that are known for their good quality include:  Maybelline Express Finish, Revlon Nail Enamel, Cover Girl Boundless Color Nail Polish, Essie Nail Polish, OPI Nail Lacquer Classics, and Lippmann Collection Nail Polish. These brands often have a good selection of colors with salon quality formulation and are guaranteed to last.  They also have a longer shelf life compared to their lower priced counterparts.  When it comes to keeping perfectly colored nails, these brands come at the top of the list.