Light and pastel colors are some of the trendiest shades for summer clothes and accessories. This trend seems to have permeated the perfume industry as some of the latest spring and summer fragrances are also in pastel shades.

Pink, peach and light yellow colors are some of the hues in the new fragrances released for the season. Balenciaga, Channel, Burberry and other popular perfume labels have classic scents and discount perfumes available in retail, but these fresh scents are definitely worthy to be placed in your dressers.

Floral, fruity and musky scents dominate the fragrances of this season. Balenciaga launched the Balenciaga L’ Eau Rose features a classic feminine scent with a combination of rose, violet, blackberry and patchouli. Women will definitely feel more feminine with the dominant rose scent of this fragrance. Valentino Valentina Aequea Floreale also goes with pink in their fresh clean fragrance made from bergamot, orange blossom, neroli, mimosa, tuberose, and jasmine. Chanel 1932 exudes elegance with a woody and fruity floral scent coming from a combination of pear, grapefruit, and jasmine, iris vetiver and musk odors. Those who would like to have a cool and feminine scent can go with See by Chloe and get the fragrance of bergamot, apple blossom, accord, jasmine, sandalwood, and vanilla blended in one cool scent. Bottega fans can try the new scent of Bottega Veneta Eau Legere and get the added hint of gardenia scent combined with their classic combination of leather, bergamot, and pepper.

Just like in fashion, choosing the right fragrance also depends on one’s personality and needs. Looking and feeling fresh this season doesn’t stop at wearing fashionable outfits. One can also smell fashionably good with these latest scents.