You can wear the perfect outfit and be clothed in designer apparel from head to foot, but if you are as groomed as a Neanderthal caveman, you still wouldn’t make a good impression.  Here are some tips to kick off the year with a better-looking you:

1.     Be Well-Groomed.  Grooming isn’t just about that killer haircut and clean-shave, make sure you pay attention even to the tiniest details – that includes neck hair, nose and ear hair.  To remind you to get that shave, get yourself a moss scuttle that’s not only functional but can also be a great accessory for your bathroom.

2. Pay Attention to Skincare.  Moisturizers and other skincare products are not exclusive for women only.  Men have skin too and need to pay particular attention to it if they want to look good.  If you are not comfortable slathering moisturizer in the morning, do make sure to put some on before you sleep at night.

3. Spritz On Some Scent.  Though women love that after-shave clean scent, it wouldn’t hurt for you to get yourself a bottle of perfume.  Better yet, get at least two bottles. One of that expensive perfume with a luxurious scent to impress someone on special days and one of a less expensive kind that you can wear in the office.  Do take time at the fragrance counter to choose your signature scent.

4.     Be Your Own Self.  Create your own look – a style that’s uniquely yours. You don’t have to wear exactly what the store mannequin or that famous magazine model is wearing.  Be bold this year and experiment with new fashion trends.