If you are suffering from knee, hip, or foot pain, you should consider osteopathic therapy in Fort Lauderdale. Osteopaths use gentle manipulations to treat what is causing pain and dysfunction in the body, so the body can heal itself. Ringing in the ears, chronic ear infections, sports injuries, back pain, headaches, and migraines are conditions that osteopathic physicians have great results with. Frozen shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ problems and, gastro-intestinal issues can also be addressed and improved with osteopathic treatments.

Some Causes of Pain

When the body experiences over use, injury, or trauma, muscles shorten and scar tissue forms, creating restrictions in the body that result in stiffness and pain. When movement is restricted, oxygen doesn’t get to those areas of the body as well and that is where an osteopathic doctor comes in. An osteopathic practitioner does not use surgery, medication, or drugs to treat their patients.

Your Appointment

Your osteopathic therapy in Fort Lauderdale will start with an assessment, after taking a thorough medical history, followed by an extensive physical exam. They will assess how you walk, your posture, the way your joints move, as well as other functions. If there are areas of tension, they will find them. Wearing loose clothing, as a patient, will help the doctor manipulate your body better. You may need to see the doctor a couple times a week if you have had chronic pain issues, but once your body is back in balance, you can see the doctor on a regular basis for preventative care. During your appointments, the doctor will teach you how to be aware of your posture and how to make the necessary corrections to keep your body in a healthy balance. Body mechanics is also something they can help you with so that you protect your joints and muscles to avoid injury in the future and to be able to use your body in a more efficient way. You may have to buy a different bed, get a different chair for your workplace, or change how you do certain things. All of it will be worth it to keep your body in a healthy and pain-free place.