Soon it will be rainy season and we say goodbye to summer!

You might be one of many ladies who had so much fun soaking in the sun in the beaches, mountains and other outdoor activities. The ultimate goal now is how to regain fair skin and skin moisture that may have lost from too much exposure to the sun. But doing so can take a long time.

Dermclinic, the pioneering dermatological center, brings to the Philippines the revolutionary NuDermAdvance GloWhite Kit.

Promising to make skin visibly whiter in just seven days, NuDermAdvance GloWhite Kit is fortified with powerful yet safe whitening components that inhibit the skin’s melanin production while giving intense moisture to rejuvenate skin.

‘’NuDermAdvance GloWhite Kit is formulated for all skin types and works even for sensitive skin. In seven days, skin is visibly whitened when used as directed. Each product also comes in a non-greasy formulation that improves skin elasticity and restores the natural moisture of skin cells,’’ explains Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, the father of Philippine dermatology and founder of Dermclinic.

Dr. Vinson B. Pineda

The NuDermAdvance GloWhite Kit is composed of five unique products that work together to protect and whiten skin: NuDerm Advance Day Whitening Lotion (with antioxidants and SPF 15+) has 10 skin de-pigmentation and skin bleaching agents for intense whitening, skin illumination, and correction of dark spots; the Night Whitening Lotion that is fortified with Cinderella Care extract for advanced whitening, rejuvenation, and cell regeneration; the Advance Whitening Face and Body Scrub that has herbal extracts and glyceryl stearate which acts as lubricant to the skin and slows down water loss to keep skin moisturized; the Advance Whitening Body Soap which contains a mix of glutathione, argan oil, and multi-fruit extract that removes dirt without drying out the skin; and the Advance Whitening Capsules that contain 650 mg of L-Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C, and Collagen to help the body fight free radicals, protect it from cell damage, and help cell regeneration.

NuDermAdvance GloWhite Kit

The NuDermAdvance GloWhite Kit is available at all Dermclinic outlets nationwide. Aside from the GloWhite Kit, Dermclinic also offers different whitening and dermatological services for as low as Php695.

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