Do you stay up late to work? Do you then have to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn to start yet another exhausting day? Is your sleep, when you are finally in bed, disruptive? Odds are extremely good that you’re sleep deprived. While you’re working on fixing that major problem, here’s how you can stay sharp and get through the day.

1. Drink tons of water. This will keep you alert and hydrated. On the same note, don’t drink a lot of caffeine-packed drinks. Yes, one or two cups of coffee may help you wake up in the morning, but anything more than that will make it even harder to get to sleep that night.

2. Stay away from sugar. It may give you a temporary boost, but the sugar spike will eventually drop, taking your energy with it.

3. If you have the time, take one or two naps that last up to half an hour each. This could help you get some vitality back until it’s time to drop into bed for a blissful eight hours.

4. When you feel like you can’t think straight during the day, make it a point to get into bed early that night, even if you can only do this one night a week. To quickly get to sleep, consider using a sleep aid like Travacor.

5. Don’t head home without hitting the gym. If you’re dragging from exhaustion, working out will make you even more tired, ensuring you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Also, it could help calm some of the stress you undoubtedly feel from struggling with your restless nights.

6. Can’t seem to focus on the task you’re trying to finish? Stand up.

7. Take a quick mid-day walk in the fresh air and sunlight to improve your productivity and calm anxiety.

8. Plan ahead for vacation days, even if you’re just going to be hanging around at home. This will help you from logging a major sleep deficit. It’s nearly impossible to “catch up” on missed sleep, but a few nights of uninterrupted snooze time will make you feel a lot better.

Sleep deprivation is becoming a major problem. While you can’t sacrifice your daily responsibilities, make a point to deal with your sleep health before it wreaks serious havoc on your body, mind, career and relationships.