You love shopping but you’re now overwhelmed with sale offers and other information sent to your email and to your social media networks by different brands. Some of the offers might be unnecessary for you and were just spamming your inbox and in the end, you’ll find yourself tired of deleting emails without reading most of them!

I have the best suggestion to you. Try joining Hipiti.

hipiti log_feb2013 Hipiti simplifies retailer sale and offer information through a custom, curated user dashboard. Hipiti rates, personalizes and organizes offers so consumers only see the best sales for them.

Moreover, for retailers, they provide compelling alternative marketing channel. Hipiti targets female consumers who are busy, affluent and brand-loyal.

How to use Hipiti?

1. Visit Hipiti site.

2. For easy registration, you may use your Twitter or Facebook account.

Hipiti sign-up

3. Select up to 15 stores that you want to follow. Click "the button “I’m done! Continue”and it will redirect you to your dashboard.

Select Hipiti Stores

4. In your dashboard, you can now find best offers from the brands you are following.

Hipiti dashboard

You will notice the pink sashes in some of the deals, it indicates you’ve found a really good sale and its length tells you just how good it is. The longer the sash, the better the offer and the quicker you should jump because these offers don’t come around that often!

Geesh! That was easy, right! With one email, you can personalize to which brands you would love to subscribe about their best offers and you can now read ONLY what you want to read.

Hipiti is the most reliable source for sale and promotion code information from all your favorite stores. For almost two years, Hipiti has been carefully aggregating sale, discount, and promotional data from ~150 retailers, and they’re adding new retailers every week!

Sign up today! Any new members that sign up for Hipiti before March 31 will be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card to a Hipiti retailer of your choice !


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.