You really rock on your career as a musician, loving that instrument of yours with exceptional keyboards.

For some reasons you got your self some tattoo but later on it became unsightly for you. So how to hide it?

First stipple on orange-tinted concealer. The orange layer counters the bluish tones of tattoo ink; the flesh-colored layer can then hide the tattoo. When stippling concealer onto a tattoo, use a non-latex sponge to dab it over the ink. Always finish with a pat of powder, for long lasting coverage that won’t rub off.

So, next time you want a tattoo, think a hundred times! Unless you have enough budget for laser treatments, go consult your dermatologist now! Remember, lasers work but they do not restore skin to its original beauty.

Why not get a henna at a salon. It will just last for a week, and if you’re not satisfied you would not risk a permanent mistake!