Jewelries are prized possessions that need proper care or they stand to lose their value. Gem stones can get chipped or scratched and metals can break or tarnish if they are not handled right.

As such, jewelry owners need to learn how to take care of these investment items upon purchase. Although there are jewelry stores that offer cleaning and maintenance services for their customers, owners should also know the basics of jewelry care.

Different types of jewelries require different types of care. Soft gemstones like moonstone need delicate care as they can be easily scratched. Hard gems like diamonds, sapphires, and ruby are easier to maintain because they neither break nor scratch easily.

jewelry_goldplatsil Cleaning them is also easy, simply soak the gems in warm water with a mild cleaning solution and clean with a soft brush or cloth. Then rinse it in warm water before drying with a soft cloth. Be careful in washing several gem stones at the same time, especially ones with varying hardness. Contact with other stones may result to scratched or damage to softer gems.

People who are not familiar with basic jewelry care and maintenance shouldn’t attempt to clean or repair jewelries without proper guidance. One misstep can mean damage to their prized possessions. When it comes to handling valuable items, leaving them to the experts is still the best option.