Designer handbags are the absolute jewel in a fashion crown but with the majority of items costing upwards of $1000, they are out of many people’s reach most of the time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make your own?

Why not? Becoming a handbag designer is a dream that has become reality for many aspiring young entrepreneurs. There is of course a little know how that goes into designing quality bags, but if you have the creativity and the drive there’s no end to your potential in the world of fashion.

The story of Sara Turatello, creator of Les Envers handbags is a one so inspirational, if it doesn’t have you dusting off your sewing machine out, nothing will!

To be fair, Sara was lucky enough to study in a prestigious design school in Milan but her choice to leave infamous fashion house Giorgio Armani to follow her dreams to produce some truly “one of a kind” handbags is the most astonishing side to this story. By learning the design process from start to finished product and by harnessing the power of online stores such as who specialise in independent designers meant that she was able to make it on her own as a designer.

Her bags are modeled on the needs of the modern woman and feature many different compartments for all of your fashion needs. Her signature design is said to have been modeled on fictional female who can do it all, Mary Poppins. You might not be able to fit that much in your bag from the Les Envers but at least you will have the Poppins style!