You really want to get rid of that stubborn fat on your body but you’re afraid of surgery and its long term effects. Or after you underwent cosmetic surgery, then what’s next? Keep on coming back to your surgeon for more body repairs? For those who can afford it, paying on expensive treatments is not an issue. But if you’re on a limited funds but really aimed to get fit and sexy, you’ll pay with closed-eyes.

Now you have an answer – Sexy Solutions by Belo. They will help you achieve a sexy body all under one roof. That includes the latest machines that melt the fat, tighten the skin and tone the muscles, as well as fitness and nutritional experts that can guide the patient on how to achieve the results in the healthiest and most convenient way possible.

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There are 5 different Sexy Solutions procedures:

1 — BURST THE FAT with Lipo Cavitation. Lipo Cavitation breaks down stubborn fat cells in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, upper and lower back by delivering sound waves using low frequency ultrasound causing the fat cells to burst and the fat to seep out, making it easier to flush out through the lymphatic system.


2 — TIGHTEN THE SKIN with Multi Firm. Multi Firm uses radio frequency heat to improve the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. As a result of this, the body becomes reshaped and tightened.


3 — TONE THE MUSCLE with Body Sculpt. Energy pulses are sent to the muscles to promote contractions similar to exercise, causing a “squeezing” effect that is necessary for the acceleration of liquid fat drainage. It also improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and fat metabolism.


4 — KILL THE FAT with TITEFX. TiteFx is the newest and most innovative non-invasive body contouring and fat-destroying machine. It sends High Voltage Pulses that result in electroporation causing permanent destruction of fat cells. TiteFX also emits radio frequency that provides precise optimal heating of the skin for tightening and body shaping.


5 — WORK-“OUT” THE FAT with Ion Magnum. The Ion Magnum is not a muscle stimulator. It is an advanced fitness system that rapidly burns fat and delivers the benefits of an intense, professional workout without the pain, physical exertion, and exhaustion that comes with conventional exercising. The Ion Magnum uses specific, patented micro-current waveforms that mimic brain waves so that the muscle tissue is made to believe that it is performing a muscle-toning workout.

Fat Flush DrinksBut the process won’t stop there. The maximum results can be achieved with proper nutrition and a fitness routine. That’s why Sexy Solutions also offers diet plans and drinks that complement and further enhance the effect of the treatments. Nadine Tengco, a US certified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Specialist of the Biggest Loser Philippines, created what she called Fat Flush Drinks.

Along with the treatments and diet is exercise. Edward Mendez, Sports Science and Nutrition Expert, offers consultations and specialized diet plans and exercises that will guide you to achieve a lean and toned physique.

Still not convinced?

Television Host Raymond Guttierrez is one of their best achievements. See him BEFORE and AFTER.

Raymond Before & After

“Sexy Solutions made the process of losing weight a breeze! The treatments are painless because of the amazing new technology they have. But more than anything, it’s really the people behind it. It’s so easy to lose momentum when you’re trying to lose weight. However, the staff really took care of me and encouraged me. I feel like I’m part of this new family and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Know more about Sexy Solutions:

HOTLINE 810-SEXY (7399)


Twitter: @SexySolutions


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