Despite our man’s best efforts, sometimes they are a little clueless as to when to change their wardrobe. Worse still is when they’ve worn the same clothes, season after season, and they’re in tatters, holes and rips galore.

They may think if it’s still wearable, it’s alright – but you know better than to let your man continue with his ‘unintentional grunge’ style. Take your man shopping, of course! If it’s due time for a wardrobe freshen up, take him down to the local menswear stores. He won’t mind being told what to wear – he’ll probably thank you for letting him know what suits him, what doesn’t, and what pieces need to be thrown out!

Here are some wardrobe freshening up ideas that will put your man on-trend. But don’t use the word makeover around him – it might scare him away!

Find Him Some New Wardrobe Staples

There are a few things that every man needs to have in his wardrobe. One such item is a good leather jacket, like one of these from Politix.

Other staples not to miss include a fitting pair of dark denim jeans and a clean, pressed dress shirt. These items can be paired with many other pieces in his wardrobe as they are incredibly versatile. Starting the wardrobe makeover off by buying these pieces is a great foundation to build on.

Build upon His Current Style

Your man is more likely to wear the clothes you’re convincing him to buy if they’re similar to what he currently wears. Does he favour the ‘intentional’ grungy look? Pick out a pair of good quality, tastefully shredded ripped jeans. Is he more of a boardies and singlet man? Go find some nice knee-length shorts and fitting but comfortable, tasteful t-shirts.

Small outfit swaps make a world of difference and your man will still feel like himself.

Let Him Pick Out an Outfit for You

Fair’s fair; if you’re taking him to every store, telling him the pieces of clothing you think he’d look good in, it’s only fair that he does the same for you! Your boyfriend is probably more in tune with what looks good on you than you realize. He has to see you practically every day, after all! So why not let him pick out an outfit that he would like you to wear? It’ll give him more incentive to go along with the wardrobe makeover, plus, you can feel proud wearing an outfit on a future date that you know your man loves.

If your man’s wardrobe is in need of a little freshening up, follow these handy tips. He’ll be looking fine and dandy in no time – and he will definitely thank you for it in the long run, after all the compliments he’s sure to get!

What are some of your favourite things to see your man wear? Have you had to intervene with his wardrobe recently? Share your shopping and man-dressing tips in the comments below!