The sweltering heat of the summer sun feels nice and toasty on the skin if you are lying on a towel getting a good tan at the beach. If you are in the city or the suburbs, however, it means being all sweaty, sticky, and grimy. It would be great if you can take showers every couple of hours. Everybody knows that this is not possible. If at all, it would be bad for your skin too as it would actually strip your skin of the moisture it needs.

Lest you be tempted to look for complicated solutions to your sticky summer problem, here are a few natural ways to cool off and stay fresh in hot and humid weather:

1. Cleanse and Moisturize – taking showers at least once a day is recommended to wash off the sweat and grime from your skin. It is also a good idea to exfoliate regularly to slough off the dead skin cells and the dirt that can clog your pores and cause skin irritations. Make sure that you use mild cleansers and skin products. Don’t forget to moisturize soon after you step out of the bath.

2. Hydrate – water is your best friend during this season. Carry a water bottle or two with you everywhere you go so you can take a chug every once in a while. You can also put water in a spray bottle for a quick spritz on your skin when you are feeling hot.

3. Dress Light – leave the heavy threads for the colder season. No matter how fashionable these clothes are, you are not going to look all that fab with sweat marks in all the unsightly places on your outfit.

And of course, it’s also important to keep a woman’s private area clean and fresh too. Good thing that Unilab introduces it’s new line of quality feminine wash — Priva Intimate Wash. It is the first and only cooling wash because cooling is still one of the drivers for freshness and cleanliness when it comes to femwash usage – the cooling is brought about by Revitacool™, a special ingredient that leaves a tangible cooling effect.

It has superior product formulation combined with tried and tested ingredients (for Priva Lightening: glutathione and natural strawberry extracts; for Priva Firming: collagen and Kwao Krua extracts known to improve skin elasticity. Kwao Krua is a known herb in Thailand used for firming and improving skin elasticity; and Witch Hazel Extracts to ensure that the fem area is also moisturized despite delivering the firming benefits).

It effectively delivers results with clinicals to prove that product is safe for use and delivers noticeable skin lightening in 2 weeks and skin firming in 6 weeks.

It comes in 2 variants:

Priva Skin Lightening and Cooling

– Formulated with gluthathione, a renowned whitening ingredient combined with natural strawberry extracts that help lighten dark skin area

– Contains Revitacool™, a special ingredient that gives an extra cool feeling after wash

Priva Skin Firming and Cooling

– Formulated with collagen, a known firming ingredient combined with natural extracts of Kwao Krua, an herbal root found in Thailand, that helps improve skin elasticity and firmness

– Has Witch Hazel extracts that help retain the skin’s natural moisture

– Contains Revitacool™, a special ingredient that gives an extra cool feeling after wash

Despite the product having specialized benefits, Priva Intimate Wash is clinically tested safe for everyday use in the intimate area.

I am actually very meticulous in choosing an intimate wash but when I tried Priva, especially during my period, I am convinced to switched.

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