1. Diddy
Diddy knows the value of the mystique and style of a well-chosen pair of locs shades. Famous for being short on talk, his masterfully chosen arsenal of sunglasses says everything he needs to, whether it’s “I’m just the hustler you’re looking for”, or “Don’t play a playa.”

2. Bootsy Collins
From his days with James Brown to his reign with Parliament Funkadelic, Bootsy has always laid down the funk with both his licks and his looks. His trademark star glasses, modeled after his famed Space Bass, are one of the most recognizable and flamboyant trademarks in the world of music.

3. Elton John
Elton has built an empire of classic songs, but his legacy of larger than life eyewear is hard not to imagine when you hear his name. Just as at home in an oversize pair of beach glasses as he is in diamond encrusted frames with ruby lenses, he never fails to dazzle us with his eyewear.

4. Roy Orbison
Sunglasses can say a lot about a person’s style, and Roy’s certainly show the kind of simple and dignified image that was always present in his music. Who needs facial expressions when you have Wayfarers anyway?

5. Elvis Presley
How many pairs of glasses can you recognize when their owner isn’t even wearing them? “Elvis Shades” have become a part of our cultural landscape, hearing the call when anyone needs to make an entrance, do a themed wedding in Vegas, or even just to tell the world “I’m the King.”