You may not want to look like weird or awkward in the color of your lipstick which may be inappropriate with the hair color you are wearing or your skin color.

Here are some tips by Carmindy, a beauty enthusiat, on fnding the right lip color for you:

  • Best lip color shades for blondes: pinks, mocha pinks, peachy pinks, sandy pinks, cool corals, roses, mauves, berries, cherry reds.
  • Best lip color shades for brunettes: true pinks, roses, plums, bronzes, golden pinks, brownish pinks, shimmering mochas, coral, wines, true reds.
  • Best lip color shades for redheads: warm pinks, peaches, apricots, honey-colored nudes, sheer corals, raisins, gold-flecked reds.
  • Dark-skinned gals, go for these lip colors shades: golds, honeys, caramels, oranges, deep corals, tangerine, deep plums, bronzy pinks, mahoganies, blackberries, maroons, blood reds.
  • Asian beauties, try these lip colors: sheer corals, pinks, roses, golden pinks, pinky browns, mauves, deep plum stains, shimmering beiges, nudes.
  • Ladies with mocha skin, head for these lip colors: sheer golds, beiges, coffees, caramels, toffees, bronzes, berries, plums, wines, true pinks, corals, sheer raisins, garnet reds.
  • If you’re very fair-skinned, avoid superdark lipstick. It’s too harsh for you. If you like a deeper shade, go for the same hue in a gloss or a transparent lipstick.
  • Ebony beauties should avoid pastel lip shades. They can wash you out and look chalky.