Pearls are unquestionably lovely and rarely a lady would not be fell in love with the jewelry made out of it. Next to diamond, pearl is a woman’s top choice for accessories. Gold and silver are also most preferred but nothing can compare to the beauty of pearl, especially the natural ones.

For many centuries, the finest natural pearls are valued as gemstones and objects of beauty. Eventually, the word pearl become a metaphor for admirable, fine, valuable and something very rare.

Some pearls are being cultivated for the purpose of making it as jewelry. Just like earrings that are being sold by Diva Fabulosa. Cultured pearls are less expensive compared to natural pearls but they are as good quality as the latter.


3 small black pearl earrings


1 big black pearl earrings

Of course, fake pearls are widely sold and much cheaper, but it has poor quality of iridescence and sometimes could irritate your sensitive skin. So why take the risks?

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