You may be all dolled up and garbed in the trendiest outfit but if you feel icky, you’d most likely look like a stiff mannequin trying to get away from a window display. To complete your fabulous look, you must feel confident and be comfortable.

Proper hygiene would definitely make you feel comfortable whatever it is you’re wearing. Your intimate parts need the gentlest care that not just any product would do. For me, only pH Care Intimate Wash provides the gentle cleansing I need. It is clinically formulated with a pH 5 to match the normal skin pH making it gentle enough for everyday use. The other brand I previously tried was used only when I had my monthly period because I found it a bit too harsh to use on regular days. With pH Care though, I don’t suffer from mild irritations even with everyday use.

As with all other pH Care variants, Cool Wind contains Glycerin and d-Panthenol that helps maintain my skin’s natural moisture and Chamomile extract that soothes my skin. It also has Active Cool, the special ingredient in Cool Wind that gives that cool breezy feeling when you wash. I must say, it’s quite refreshing when you feel that cool blast while washing. I find that it also helps waken my senses in the morning setting me in a good mood to face a busy day at work.

Although I do like the cool and clean feeling I get when I use pH Care Cool Wind, I’m still partial to the faint floral scent I get from Passionate Bloom and Fresh Blossoms. Whether you opt for the cool breezy feel from Cool Wind, the shower clean feel from Shower Splash, or the fresh floral scent from other variants, there will definitely be a pH Care Intimate Wash that would make you feel comfortable and confident to face your day.