Add a touch of glam to your summer outfits with trendy wrist accessories that are sure to make a statement. One will never run out of options with trends like big bold bangles and bracelets, metallic themes, clear crystals, and leathers to choose from. The latest designs can tempt fashion lovers to purchase a fresh set of bangles and bracelets this season.

But those who are into practical but trendy fashion can check their classic collection of metal, charm and magnetic bracelets along with their other wrist accessories and style their own wrist fashion for the season.

Just like tops and bottoms, one can mix and match bangles and bracelets to create a new fashion piece. One of the popular trends this season is the use of metallic shades and chain links.

Those who have single chain bracelets can simply choose three metallic pieces and link them together and get one unique piece of jewelry in the end. They can even mix gold, silver, and bronze pieces for a three-tone look.

Those who have several magnetic bracelets can also combine two or three pieces to create one chunky piece or a big bold bangle. Leather wear is also part of the trend for the spring and summer season this year.

Those who have spare leather bracelets and gold accessories can get inspiration from the latest designs and make their own trendy piece. Aside from being able to create new pieces from one’s old stock, re-fashioning old accessories is also a great way to get into the up-cycling trend.

(photo credit to the owner)