Eye liners can do beautiful tricks on your eyes. But it will depend on how you draw it.

Carmindy, a beauty expert, suggested the following tips:

  • Extend your eyeliner just past the outer corner of the top lid, as if you were creating a last eyelash. This elongates your eyes and punches up the drama.
  • For a super-sexy rock-n-roll look, apply black liner on the top and bottom inside rims of the eyes, and then shut them really tight. OK, guitar goddess, now open your eyes. Using an angle brush dipped into a little black powder shadow, smudge the top and bottom lash line, staying very close to the roots.
  • To achieve a perfect winged-out cat eye with liquid liner, take a small tipped concealer brush dipped into a little foundation and clean up around the wing. This corrects any unevenness, creating perfect edges every time.
  • For a modern metallic look, try double-stacking your liner. Line the upper lash line with a dark shade like black or brown, then apply a bronze or gold shade right over the top of that. Hot!
  • Apply a small dash of silver or gold eyeliner right on the center of your upper lid on top of your regular eyeliner for a flash of nighttime sparkle.
  • For a fun sixties retro look, apply black liquid liner along the upper lash line and slightly wing it out into a cat’s eye. Next, draw a white pencil liner just under the wing at the outer corners.

Master it and you will surely love playing it on your eyes. You might impress the man next door, who is one of those coin dealers in town.