Michelle Obama is blessed with a fashion sense which is admired by the media and emulated by some.

Peng Liyuan Recently, another first lady has captured the admiration of her public with her stylish elegance. China’s first lady, Peng Liyuan, has upstaged her husband President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin during Xi’s first overseas visit to Russia as far as media attention is concerned. Chinese media highlighted her presence and her outfit more that the event itself.

It is not surprising for Peng’s beauty to capture the attention of the media. She has been a celebrity in China for several years already and being fashionable comes with the job. Images of this first lady with a handbag and a navy blue coat became the subject of most social networking sites in China.

Fashionable women can be particular with their bags or cases. Choices are often made based on style rather than purpose, but there are also some that are equally stylish and useful like humidors for cigars.

In some cases, simplicity is elegance in itself. In the case of Peng, her innate appeal made the combination of an understated bag with classic shoes and coat, look glamorous. This is just the kind of style and elegance that her followers are looking forward to see in future events.