For a woman who’s always on the go and treasure a sleep of 4 hours at the most daily, you may already have an idea of my deprivation.

Lack of enough sleep can make a lady looks too mature. In my case, not using skincare products or wear make-ups, surely it’s unimaginable “disaster.”

There are many available cosmetics in the market, but women should make sure the brand they choose satisfy the 3 key considerations: quality, affordable and effective. These considerations made me wish to try more of Dearberry’s line of products.

Believing in Dearberry‘s brand essence — “affordable high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature ”— I know I made the right choice to trust them in keeping my skin healthy.

Make-ups from Dearberry are all “skin-friendly” to me. However, I want to try more of their products:

 photo wishlist.jpg

When you wish upon a #Dearberry.

1. Cleanberry Cleansing Foam – refreshes skin while cleaning deep to the pores leaving it fresh.
My line of work requires me to go to places where breaking events happen, may it a fire incident, crimes in informal settlers area or coverages in dusty mountains. Soaps are not enough and using foams are more effective in deep facial cleansing. I love the idea of using berry foam on my face!

cleanberry cleansing foam

(Photo credit to DearberryPH)

2. Berry Juicy Sleeping Gel – helps better skin health and to eliminate acne and bacteria.
Can’t wait to use it before going to bed (may it from night shift or day shift). Especially when I need to get a good sleep after a long hours of overnight duty from field work, this gel will calm my skin well.

 photo dearberry sleeping gel.jpg

(Photo credit to DearberryPH)

3. Emulsion, Toner and Serum
Berry Bright Moisture Emulsion – brings back the tone of the skin making it vibrant again

dearberry emulsion

(Photo credit to DearberryPH)

Berry Bright Moisturizing Toner – whitens the skin giving it a clear transparent, translucent look.

dearberry toner

Berry Bright Moisturizing Serum – concentrated brightening essence to even out skin tone. Brighten skin and keep it firm and hydrate with Berry Complex composed of extracts from eight berries and other herbs.

dearberry serum

(Photo credit to DearberryPH)

This set of Dearberry’s moisturizers is perfect to keep a healthy looking skin thus regain my confidence in face to face interviews with news sources, may it be the President of the country.

Season of giving is not yet over and there more than 340 days to go before Christmas 2017, I am optimistic that this humble wishlist will be granted by Santa DearberryPH!

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