When we are too busy with our daily errands and responsibilities, we sometimes neglected our skin, especially our face.

Running for help to a dermatologist could be expensive and time consuming, though, it is still advisable if you have a severe skin problem or having an apprehension on using beauty or skin care products.

Why not care for your facial skin as early as now and as easy as using a mask sheet?

Made in Korea, Muz Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask has two variants: Whitening + Oil Control and Whitening + Collagen.

Muz Whitening Mask

Each sheet contains 9 whitening agents and anti-oxidants which includes: Green Tea Extract, Tomato Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Lemon Extract, Bambusoideae Extract, Licorice Extract, Portulaca Extract, Aloe Extract, and Aloe Vera Gel.


Generally, Muz Whitening Plus Facial Sheet Mask caused whitening, reduces oiliness, and minimizes pores.
For whitening – Whitens your skin in less than one week and removes dark spots caused by sunlight
For oil control – decreases oiliness after few days, anti-acne, helps prevent pimples and minimizes pores.
For anti-aging with collagen – smoothens your skin in one week, moisturizes your skin and decreases fine lines after two weeks.

How to Use:
1. Cleanse your face before using the sheet mask.
2. Open the sheet mask and lay flat on entire face.
3. Leave it for 30 minutes until the active ingredients are well absorbed.
4. Do not wash your face after removing it to make the ingredients remain on your face.
5. Do not use it again.
For best results, use one sheet daily before sleeping.

1. Do not use on red, irritated skin or wounds.
2. Stop using it immediately if irritation or swollenness occurs before, during or after use.
3. Avoid contact with eye. Should contact occur, flush eyes with clean water.
4. Consult your doctor if necessary.

I am actually having a hard time trusting whitening or oil controlling facial masks but Muz works well. It lightens my acne marks and minimized oil in my face. The product is safe and effective and you can use it every day. However, it is still best for you to consult your dermatologist first especially if you have sensitive skin.

MUZ Skin Care products are dermatologically tested and has Phytochemical ingredients. The product (all variants) can whiten and rejuvenate damaged skin. MUZ Skin Care is available at ALL mercury and 7-11 stores only.

Find out more about Muz Skin Care, visit them on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/muz.skincare