We all have fashion icons we adore and whose trends we follow.  We avidly watch what they wear on magazine spreads or television appearances then fervently search for these fashion pieces in boutiques.  We also make sure that we are first to get that style magazine off the rack so we can start shopping for whatever is in trend this season and the next.

Sometimes though, sticking to what’s hot and trendy makes us end up looking like everyone else.  What we often end up doing is making an outfit completely our own by using unique accessories.

You can take creating your own style to another level by designing your very own outfits.  If you’re gifted with very creative hands, you can turn your paintings or drawings into wearable art.  What you can do is to look for a print shop website that can transfer your creation onto a piece of fabric then have that fabric transformed into a wearable outfit by your favorite seamstress.  You can even do this yourself if you can wield a handy sewer.

What’s great about this is that you’d be definitely sure that what you’re wearing is the only thing like it in the whole world.  Who knows, if you turn heads and create a big following for your personal style, you might even turn it into a profitable business.