The holidays are over and it is time for spring cleaning in your closets. Pack away those holiday outfits and make way for cool summer outfits and accessories. This is also the best time to give away or discard clothes, shoes and bags that are showing signs of wear and tear. Women who need to replace their bags can look into some casual chic hand bags from international designers.

Those who are still hung up on the cognac color trend last autumn can check out the balloon suede leather tote bag, Missy, by TSM or The Swedish Model. A word of caution though, these bags can cost more than your average cobalt wedding bands. You might also like the balloon zip brogue shoulder bag from the same designer which costs around $640. Another tote bag within the same price range is the Geo Tote in black by Bracher Emden.  There are also some nice options within the $300 price range, this includes the Madame Noir satchel and messenger bag from Maison d’usQ and the Florian messenger bag by Artessorio.  The Florian bag of Artessorio offers a touch of femininity with its dainty floral lace design while maintaining elegance in its look.

Just like a pair of shoes, women need at least two bags that they can use alternately to give their accessories some breather from daily activities. But why stick to two when you can afford to have more.