When I saw those amps at musicians friend I just couldn’t help but conjure rock star fantasies in my mind.  There’s something wild and fashionable about those dark eyes and rouged pouty lips.  But then again, that’s just a fantasy.

In real life, I’ll probably scare my neighbors off if I greet them in my rock glam look as I pick up the morning paper from my doorstep.  I think it’s best for me to stick to more popular fashion.  Which brings me to the latest looks that caught my eyes on the runway and fashion spreads of the world’s trendiest designer labels.

The buzz in make-up this season is somewhat of a mix and match of bright colors and subtle hues.  This reconciles two beauty mantras:  that bare is beautiful and that color enhances your best facial features.

I’d much rather go au naturel most of the time, with the exception of a dab of lip gloss and a tinted moisturizer for sun protection.  But, for those days when you have to meet up with friends or attend an event, it does not hurt to wear a little color.

For this season, fashionistas are choosing to go for swept shades of vibrant color on the eyes or on the lips.  Outside of these two, the rest of the face should be left with their natural glow.