Does your man favour the fashionable things in life? What better way to spoil him this Valentine’s Day than to give him a suave, trendy gift that will brighten his day and add to his collection of fashionable things! Buying a gift that matches your man’s fashion shows you take an interest in what he likes and that you put some real thought and care into what you thought he would love. Much better than another pair of socks and underwear, that’s for sure!

So, if your man favours fashion and fine clothes, here are some perfect Valentine’s Day gifts he’ll love.

A Leather Wallet

It’s not just about what your man wears on his body. Accessories are just as important and are the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to completing a look. Every stylish man must have a good quality wallet. No Velcro allowed! Plus, it’s actually an accessory that’s seen by friends and co-workers regularly, so it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. A tan or dark brown leather is best (check out trendy retailers like Universal Store for some inspiration and ideas). When it comes to wallets, less is generally more in terms of patterns and prints – keep it simple and suave.

A Good Beard Trimmer

Many fashionable men like to take care of their facial hair. A well-trimmed beard is almost like a fashion accessory in itself! If your man usually resorts to cheap razors to get the job done, why not get him a beard trimmer instead? It’ll make it infinitely easier to shape and craft his facial hair, plus there’s less risk of nasty cuts and scrapes. You can also get beard trimmers that look sophisticated and are good quality, a must for any man who favours aesthetically pleasing items. Also, most beard trimmers actually suck up the small clipped hairs – no more hair-filled sinks!

(photo credit to Universal Store)


A Backpack or Satchel

Is your fashionable man on the move frequently? Does he have to lug books or items along with him? Then why not buy him a backpack? Not the kind you used to take to school, but a backpack that matches his fashionable tastes. You can buy leather, simplistic backpacks or satchels that make carrying things around much easier, while still complementing his outfit.

A Weekender Bag

Perhaps a satchel won’t quite cut it in the size department. If your man likes to go camping or travels around regularly, a large, tasteful weekender bag is actually a very stylish accessory. Good quality bags come with different compartments for all his fashionable items, so nothing will get left behind next time he goes over for drinks with the boys or has to stay overnight somewhere for a work trip.

If your man favours fashion and style, why not get him a gift that will complement his look? Show him you really care and take an interest and you will absolutely make his Valentine’s Day.

What gifts have you bought your fashionable man in the past? Share your tips in the comments below.