beautiful-lips-pictures-3-450x337 Every woman wants to have not just beautiful but also healthy lips. However, many didn’t know that there are basic considerations before choosing the lip color.

Here are some tips that might help you find the right products for your lips.

The Basics – Your Skin Undertone

  • Skin with a pink undertone does better with lip colors that carry a decided bluish tint.
  • Skin that skews yellow should consider warmer lips color with an orange tint.
  • Pale pink shades really don’t work well for olive skin tones or women with deeper skin colors, because of their natural yellow skin undertones. Instead, women in that category should look for darker pink shades.
  • Perfect deep corals, on the other hand, are almost impossible to find for women whose skin is decidedly pink in nature. Instead, they need to stick to a more pinky coral shade.

Most women can find their proper hue in at least one berry and one red shade, which is ideal since neither of those seems to ever go totally out of style.


Contrary to popular belief, any woman can wear lip gloss today. The trick is matching the right color and just the right amount of gloss. Lip gloss is popular because it adds softness, moisture, and sheen or shine to the lips; automatically making them looks a bit fuller, younger, and oh-so-kissable!

Women of a certain age (over 40), however, should look for glosses that lean more towards sheen than a wet slick shine. They should also search for glosses that contain extra hydrating ingredients. These extra moisturizers will help even dry, parched lips look younger than ever.

Lip Balms

These are perfect for young women who are just beginning to experiment with lip color and don’t want to go to any extremes. They are also good for any woman who just wants to keep her lips looking soft and supple but isn’t anxious to add too much color.

Lip Stains

Can often be drying and should be avoided by older women who already have dry, aging lips. On the flip side, lip stains are perfect for women in their 20’s and early 30’s who want a deep pigment of color that will remain in place for a longer period of time.

Lip Gels

Attempt to bridge the gap between a lip stain and a lip gloss, offering lots of color pigmentation with plenty of shine. Unfortunately, many tend to be too shiny for older women, making them look like they are wearing their daughter’s make up. However, a few on the market have mastered the art of combining color and sheen for a truly amazing lip product and that isn’t a good look, no matter what your age.

If you’re the one who always use lips when pinning papers or catalog prints better not to do it anymore. 😀